About Us

Hi, I am Peter Nowak the owner of Nowak Enterprises, Inc.

  • Originally from New York via Louisiana, I have lived in Pensacola since 1991.

  • As a business owner, I combine hard work with opportunity.

  • As an entrepreneur, I find unique solutions to challenging problems.

My wife, three children and I appreciate our success.

“We’re blessed & proud of our McDonald’s affiliation that provides an excellent product.” and

“Our team’s professionalism & great customer service help deliver that excellent product.”

  • Nowak Enterprises, Inc. (NEI) is a privately owned & operated company started in 1991.

  • Beginning with two McDonald’s, NEI has served residents & visitors of Escambia County for more than 25 years.

  • Now with six McDonald’s & almost 300 employees!

We are an innovative leader in ...

Customer Care

In 2013, Peter co-developed multi-use software that immediately addresses customer care/recovery.

The software also provides ...

  • Texted incentive/reward coupons for pre-K children enrolled in Pensacola early childhood education.

  • Value-added mobile marketing/product placement.

  • Campaign analytics.

Employee Training

Communication & training are constant challenges for a business with almost 300 employees in six locations.

  • In 2007, Peter implemented a cloud-based, info-on-demand communication/training tool: L3.

  • Developed by Avisod LLC, L3 allows NEI’s leadership team to effectively target, deliver, & track communication & training to employees while they hand-wash.

Employee Recruitment

Neitco, LLC, another enterprise owned by Peter Nowak has developed the Hireright web application that allows potential employees to quickly respond to in-store and online advertisements and be automatically pre-screened and invited to a brief meet and greet with a location's hiring manager and if appropriate will be directed to submit a full employment application.